Use of cloud computing services in micro and small enterprises: a fit perspective


  • Patrick Kanyi Wamuyu United States International University-Africa



cloud computing, MSEs, ICT acquisition, organizational information and communication technology infrastructure


Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) require the right Organizational Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure (OICTI) to provide them with the essential functionalities to support their business processes. In order to have the right OICTI, MSEs are expected to make huge investments in financial and human resources, to purchase, deploy and maintain Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). Cloud Computing Services (CCS) avail OICTI, for a fraction of the resources required to own private ICT infrastructure. The purpose of this study was to assess the fit between the MSEs’ OICTI needs and the information processing capabilities of CCS and how this fit influences CCS adoption in the Kenyan MSEs. The research was quantitative in nature, in which, a theory-based model grounded on the task technology fit, organization information processing and technology-organization-environment theories, was developed and validated. Study findings suggest strong correlations between MSEs’ tasks and CCS and between MSEs’ information processing needs and CCS information processing capabilities. Other factors identified as influencing CCS procurement are affordability and the relationship between the CCS providers and the MSEs. The study contributes to the academic literature on technology adoption in MSEs by showing that there exists a multidimensional fit between CCS and MSEs’ OICTI requirements.




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Wamuyu, P. K. . (2022). Use of cloud computing services in micro and small enterprises: a fit perspective. International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 5(2), 59–81.