Exploring the relationship between sustainability and project success - conceptual model and expected relationships


  • A.J. Gilbert Silvius LOI University of Applied Sciences
  • Ron Schipper Van Aetsveld - Project and Change Management




sustainability, triple bottom line, sustainable project management, project management, project management success


Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. Companies are integrating sustainability in their marketing, communication and their actions. Sustainability has more recently also been linked to project management. The logic behind this link is that sustainability needs change and projects are realizing change. Several studies explored how the concept of sustainability impact project management. The research project reported in this paper elaborates on these works by studying how sustainability affects project success. Project managers, logically, strive for project success and considering sustainability may influence this success. Based upon a review of relevant literature, the paper develops a conceptual model that provides a more detailed understanding of how considering different dimensions of sustainability may affect the individual criteria of project success. The study also provides a conceptual mapping of the different relationships between dimensions of sustainability and criteria of project success. This mapping shows that the most positive relationships are expected for the relationship between sustainability and the success criteria stakeholder satisfaction, future readiness and controlled project execution. The expected relationship between considering sustainability and completing the project on schedule and within budget is uncertain.




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Silvius, A. G. ., & Schipper, R. . (2022). Exploring the relationship between sustainability and project success - conceptual model and expected relationships. International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 4(3), 5–22. https://doi.org/10.12821/ijispm040301