A new approach to managing Lessons Learned in PMBoK process groups: the Ballistic 2.0 Model


  • Marcirio Silveira Chaves Nove de Julho University (UNINOVE)
  • Cíntia Cristina Silva de Araújo Nove de Julho University (UNINOVE)
  • Laura Ribeiro Teixeira Nove de Julho University (UNINOVE)
  • Debora Virginio Rosa Nove de Julho University (UNINOVE)
  • Irapuan Glória Júnior UNIP University, São Paulo State’s Technology College
  • Cláudia Dias Nogueira University of São Paulo (USP)




IT Project Management, PMBoK, Knowledge Management, Lessons Learned, Web 2.0 Technologies


In any organization, dealing with lessons learned is a complex issue that involves people, processes and technologies. Although lessons learned processes are already well established in the project management community, the use of modern web technologies to support them is still in its infancy. This paper introduces a new model to manage lessons learned in PMBoK process groups. This model draws upon interdisciplinary literature, which embeds lessons learned processes, shared context and Web 2.0 service models. The model is supported by Web 2.0 technologies and centered in PMBoK process groups to allow a thorough overview of the project. An exploratory focus group was set up to validate the model qualitatively within a constructivist ontology and an interpretive epistemology. The adoption of this model can help academics and practitioners using PMBoK process groups to acquire a better understanding of managing lessons learned in projects.




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Chaves, M. S. ., Araújo, C. C. S. de ., Teixeira, L. R. ., Rosa, D. V. ., Júnior, I. G. ., & Nogueira, C. D. . (2022). A new approach to managing Lessons Learned in PMBoK process groups: the Ballistic 2.0 Model. International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 4(1), 27–45. https://doi.org/10.12821/ijispm040102