SOA enabled ELTA: approach in designing business intelligence solutions in Era of Big Data


  • Viktor Dmitriyev University of Oldenburg
  • Tariq Mahmoud University of Oldenburg
  • Pablo Michel Marín-Ortega Central University Marta Abreu of Las Villas



Big Data, Business Intelligence, BI, ETL, ELT, ELTA, SOA


The current work presents a new approach for designing business intelligence solutions. In the Era of Big Data, former and robust analytical concepts and utilities need to adapt themselves to the changed market circumstances. The main focus of this work is to address the acceleration of building process of a “data-centric” Business Intelligence (BI) solution besides preparing BI solutions for Big Data utilization. This research addresses the following goals: reducing the time spent during business intelligence solution’s design phase; achieving flexibility of BI solution by adding new data sources; and preparing BI solution for utilizing Big Data concepts. This research proposes an extension of the existing Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) approach to the new one Extract, Load, Transform and Analyze (ELTA) supported by service-orientation concept. Additionally, the proposed model incorporates Service-Oriented Architecture concept as a mediator for the transformation phase. On one side, such incorporation brings flexibility to the BI solution and on the other side; it reduces the complexity of the whole system by moving some responsibilities to external authorities.




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Dmitriyev, V. ., Mahmoud, T. ., & Marín-Ortega, P. M. . (2022). SOA enabled ELTA: approach in designing business intelligence solutions in Era of Big Data. International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 3(3), 49–63.