Resource allocation in IT projects: using schedule optimization


  • Michael A. Chilton Kansas State University



project management, optimization, resource allocation, bounded enumeration


Resource allocation is the process of assigning resources to tasks throughout the life of a project. Despite sophisticated software packages devoted to keeping track of tasks, resources and resource assignments, it is often the case that project managers find some resources over-allocated and therefore unable to complete the assigned work in the allotted amount of time. Most scheduling software has provisions for leveling resources, but the techniques for doing so simply add time to the schedule and may cause delays in tasks that are critical to the project in meeting deadlines. This paper presents a software application that ensures that resources are properly balanced at the beginning of the project and eliminates the situation in which resources become over-allocated. It can be used in a multi-project environment and reused throughout the project as tasks, resource assignments and availability, and the project scope change. The application utilizes the bounded enumeration technique to formulate an optimal schedule for which both the task sequence and resource availability are taken into account. It is run on a database server to reduce the running time and make it a viable application for practitioners.




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Chilton, M. A. (2022). Resource allocation in IT projects: using schedule optimization. International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 2(3), 47–59.