Adding experts’ perceptions to complement existing research on information systems backsourcing


  • Benedikt von Bary TU Dresden
  • Markus Westner OTH Regensburg
  • Susanne Strahringer TU Dresden



backsourcing, insourcing, back in-house, information systems, expert interviews, academic literature


This paper extends the existing literature on information systems (IS) backsourcing by the perception of practitioners. For this purpose, we conducted a series of qualitative, semi-structured interviews with IS sourcing experts. The interview questions focused on the participants’ perceptions and experiences with the topic, on identifying reasons for and against IS backsourcing, and on revealing relevant trends pertinent to IS backsourcing. We then compared those findings with two previously conducted comprehensive literature reviews on academic and practitioner literature on IS backsourcing. By following this approach, we contribute to the existing research by verifying previous findings, for example, the most important reasons why companies decide in favor of IS backsourcing. Additionally, we were able to enhance previous contributions as we highlight the significance of differentiating between the scope of IS backsourcing by looking at the underlying services which are potentially backsourced. Further, we identified the importance of managers’ personal preferences as an additional reason for IS backsourcing, for example, based on personal experiences or a perceived need for change. Based on our findings, we created a comprehensive overview of all aspects connected to the IS backsourcing process and derived opportunities for further research to contribute to the IS backsourcing research agenda.




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von Bary, B. ., Westner, M. ., & Strahringer, S. . (2022). Adding experts’ perceptions to complement existing research on information systems backsourcing. International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management, 6(4), 17–35.