Vibrant Matter

Posthumanism as an Ethics of Radical Alterity


  • Ricardo Gil Soeiro Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa



alterity, Braidotti, Rosi, Critical Posthumanism, Szymborska, W.


The present article wishes to present critical posthumanism as an ethics of radical alterity. It is divided into three explanatory moments: firstly, it provides a set of perfunctory remarks on the interdisciplinary field of posthumanism; it will then proceed to a general overview of Rosi Braidotti’s The Posthuman (2013); finally, a brief case-study analysis of W. Szymborska’s poetry will be conducted, thus hoping to show how posthumanist theory can illuminate literary texts and, indeed, how these can, in turn, prompt a reassessment of posthumanist theory.


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Soeiro, R. G. (2020). Vibrant Matter: Posthumanism as an Ethics of Radical Alterity. Revista 2i: Estudos De Identidade E Intermedialidade, 2(2), 191–204. (Original work published 4 de Maio de 2021)